Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are ditching the dull and rocking a fresh new Mint color, just for you! Snag yours at the Google Store or Google Fi Wireless and get ready for some seriously cool new features.

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Worried about your temperature? Pixel 8 Pro’s got you covered (literally)! The new Thermometer app scans your forehead for accurate readings, and you can even save them to your Fitbit for a complete health picture.

Searching for stuff is about to get way smoother. Circle to Search (coming soon!) lets you draw, highlight, or tap anything on your screen to instantly search it – no app switching needed! Find inspiration in videos, solve tricky puzzles, even ask complex questions about images with Multisearch’s AI upgrades.

Want your texts to stand out? Pixel 6 and later users get Magic Compose! This AI wizard rewrites your messages in different styles, making them clear, creative, or even Shakespearean!

Express yourself beyond words with Photomoji! Turn your favorite pics into personalized emoji reactions for Google Messages. Friends can even use yours in group chats!

Sharing stuff just got simpler. Quick Share lets you seamlessly send files, photos, and text across all your devices, from Android to Windows. Choose who can see you and share with confidence.

Pixel Buds Pro now know where they’re going! They automatically switch between your Pixel Watch, phone, and tablet, keeping your audio flowing as you move.

So ditch the old, embrace the new! Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are packed with features that make your life easier, cooler, and way more fun. Go mint, go magic, go Pixel!

By Harry