Video Review of Pixel Buds Pro



The Pixel Bud Pro is a pretty good Active Noise Cancellation bluetooth earbud for your daily use. As compared to the Sony WH-1000X4, it is simpler with to setup.

On the Sony, you can configure the ambient noise levels in Stay, walk, running, transport scenarios. It can also detect your actions and set it accordingly. It can also set the Equaliser to different audio modes like Clear Bass etc.

Streaming Spotify to the Pixel Bud Pro

When using the Pixels Buds Pro, the active noise cancellation almost completely 80% “removed” the construction noise nearby.

I also noticed that the bass level is increased but that may not help in effectively filtering off high pitch noises like drilling noise.

The Pixel buds pro is quite a good companion when you want to filter out all the noise around you. The Earbuds is also rated IPX4 and the case is rated IPX2 so it is fine with water splashes.

Pixel Buds Pro is compact and can be a good replacement for your bluetooth earpiece. You not only get quality voice and sound but you will also get regular updates for new features e.g. spatial sound.

Price S$299 at