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The Pixel Watch 2 offers improvements over the original Pixel Watch. It now provides an all day battery life with always on display. It also has a fresh safety feature and sensors design to provide better heatlh insights, including the most accurate heart rate tracking available on any fitness tracker or smartwatch.

The screen on the Pixel Watch 2 is lighter than it’s predessor. Internally, the Pixel Watch 2 boasts a quad core processor and a co processor that can last 24 hours. The phone can be up and running wityhin 30 minutes with fast charging.

Other than using it to track your active performance, the watch can help in in various ways. e.g. sleep monitoring, stress detection.

When it comes to software, machine learning is incorporated into the software with Fitbit’s Body Response feature, powered by a new continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor, can help identify potential signs of stress taking into account of heart rate, rate varaibility, skin temperature etc. It will send you notifications when it detects physical indicators of both positive and negative stress, including excitement.

For improved sleep monitoring and overall wellness assessment, a new skin temperature sensor works overnight to unveil valuable insights and track changes in your well-being.

With the Pixel Watch 2, you can easily access important health and fitness information using just your voice. Simply open the Google Assistant app and ask questions like “How did I sleep last night?”

By Harry