Promise SmartStor NS2600, NS4600, NS4700, NS6700 and Pegasus DAS with Thunderbolt connectivity
bluetooth 7 Nov 2011

NAS might not be the solution for an individual but it is not the case for a SOHO or enterprise. This is exceptionally important when you are dealing with large amounts of data and you need a simple elegant way of managing it and keep backups of the important data on the HDD.

The Promise SmartStor series can help you to achieve that. With it’s web based visualized management console, you can have access to the device and volume information. You can also check the temperature too.

Unlike other brands, Promise provides a comprehensive backup solution and they include windows bcakup centre, RSYNC over the internet, volume snapshot and backup to the cloud using amazon web services.

The SmartStor comes with Acronis Backup & Recovery version 10 which can be used to do schedule backups. Moreover the license is unlimited and supports Windows Server and Workstation. QNAP, Synology do not provide such a bundle solution. Thecus only provides a solution with limited license for Windows Workstation only.

The 2nd most important feature is backup to cloud. You can now share your documents from the cloud in amazon web services or Dropbox. Using dropbox, you can also view your documents on Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices.

You can also backup a copy to another server through the internet.

In terms of speed, the benchmark iSCSI write shows that throughput is around 110MB/s average of all the various RAID modes.

It is also easy to configure the NAS. Just insert the HDD, power on, Once the LED initialisation turned on , it is ready for operation.

Another feature is Promise OPAS. When there is no internet access, you can plug in a USB stick to it. The software “USB Retrieval” will export the system log in HTML to the pen drive automatically.

NS2600, NS4600 are suitable for Home/SOHO while the NS4700 and NS6700 are for SMB.

The NAS is also DNLA certified. You can now stream your audio and videos to your DLNA certified TVs. There is also an app for iPhone and Android, allownig you to control the steraming media on the NAS.