Real Estate goes blockchain, REIDAO breaks down real estate into digital tokens that be bought and sold

Riding on this new wave of sharing, Blockchain technology is starting to gain prominence, giving rise to a new model of decentralized organizations. Take for example Juno, a ridesharing alternative to Uber in the United States where 50% of equity are reserved for its drivers. This was unheard of just a few years ago.

Blockchain technology is ultimately a means for individuals to coordinate common activities, to interact directly with one another, and to govern themselves in a more secure and decentralized manner without going through a centralized platform. Taking Airbnb to an elevated level with blockchain technology is REIDAO.

Operating on the world’s first ever community based model for the shared-use of real estate is REIDAO, a technology firm that builds on the Ethereum blockchain to change and disrupt the real-estate vertical. REIDAO’s blockchain technology converts real estate into a digital asset, breaking down its value into many digital tokens that can then be individually bought and sold. This opens the real estate market up to everyone who wants to invest in it, at whatever extent they wish. As the price of cryptocurrency is stabilized by being pegged to real estate value, one does not need to worry about its extremely volatile nature.

REIDAO has initiated Crowdvilla- Shared Holiday Homes. Crowdvilla allows users to book holiday accommodations, similar to other rental booking sites, albeit with one major difference: all of the available accommodations on the platform are owned by the community itself.

In short, Crowdvilla is designed as a community based organization for community-owned assets, where all the token holders for any single property can utilize it. As a non-profit organization based and regulated in Singapore, Crowdvilla has the sole mandate of facilitating the utilization of shared holiday homes within its portfolio.

REIDAO is a Singapore-based technology firm, building on the Ethereum blockchain to change and disrupt the real-estate vertical. REIDAO redefines how property ownerships and investments are done. REIDAO is also the initiator of Crowdvilla – Shared Holiday Homes, a community-based model for shared-use of real estate in the holiday homes arena.

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By Harry