realme reveals new 125W UltraDART that charges a 4,000mAh battery to 33% in 3 minutes

July, 16th, 2020, Singapore— realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, today announced the launch of the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging solution.

realme’s Dart Flash Charging technology has grown from its original 30W, 50W, and 65W, and now, ground-breaking 125W charging capabilities and is the first step into the era of 5G, as the best solution for 5G smartphone battery life.

Low battery capacities have always been a sticking point for most smartphone users, particularly 5G adopters. Since it is almost impossible to make a major breakthrough in battery energy density in the short term, and the internal space of smartphones is limited, flash charging has become the most effective way to guarantee a long battery life. The 125W UltraDART Flash Charging technology is key to solving this, making it the leading flash charging solution.

33% in 3 mins, realme UltraDART aims to lead 5G flash charging

Instead of focusing on just shortening the overall charging process by a few minutes, realme has worked instead on finding ways to bring the phone back to life in the shortest time, something that they believe will truly redefine the user experience.

With 125W UltraDART, a 5G smartphone with a battery life of 4,000mAh can be charged around 33% in 3 minutes, and fully charged in just 20 minutes, supporting hours of daily use for 5G smartphones.

The reason for the targeted charge time of 20 minutes is about the future commercialisation and safety, realme values smart and safe charging, instead of pursuit of achieving extreme fast charging speeds, realme has also found a way to maintain smartphone internal temperatures below 40°. Without temperature control, the charging speed could reach 13 minutes for 100% charge.

125W UltraDART has adopted direct charging to create multi-layer protection, avoiding any potential accidents. This enables charging with the display on and the phone in use, making the charging experience more efficient, safer and comfortable for users.

Applying 125W UltraDART in all price segment to bring a leap-forward experience for everyone

realme believes in the importance of creating technology that can be used by everyone. With the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging technology, the brand is committed to taking a leap forward with the 5G smartphone experience, bringing an enhanced experience to users of all ages.

In keeping with its position as a “Populariser of Tech Trendsetting Life”, realme insists on the “Dare to Leap” brand conception to gradually bring its innovative smartphone charging technologies to more price segments rather than only flagship products, making the always-on 5G fast-speed experience more accessible by breaking through the constraints of price.

As a brand that is focused on delivering the most innovative products to users of all ages, realme commits itself to creating products with a leap-forward experience in all aspects. The official launch of the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging technology will magnificently shorten the charging time of high capacity batteries and guarantees the battery life of 5G smartphones, to help realme 5G smartphones perform excellently and offer better trendsetting user experiences.

By Harry