Review : ECS P67H2-A2 B3 Stepping Mainboard Review

SiSoft Sandra 2011 Benchmark

Before deciphering the benchmarks, we have to put forward the slight differences in the test platform. Other than the two Gigabyte boards in the comparison test which runs a set of Kingston high profile DDR3-2000 at XMP #1 profile -DDR3-1866 C7-8-7-20-1T, the ECS P67H2-A2 is paired with a pair of Kingston DDR3-2133 modules runnign XMP #2 profile. Although XMP profile #2 is chosen which is suppose to run at DDR3-2133 C9-11-9-27-1T, it is reported in CPUID as CAS 10-12-10-28-1T. Other than that, the basic configuration is exactly the same for the three boards in test.

First, we take a look at memory bandwidth. Needless to say, running at DDR3-2133 gives it better memory throughput at 27.48GB/s in the dual channel configuration. This exceeds the two other boards which ran a similar pair of modules at DDR3-1866 C7-8-7-20-1T.

Processor Arithmetic tests the processor performance and from the graphics, we can see that ECS scored 59.14 while the Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3 based on Z68 chipset seems to do slightly better at 59.48.

In Processor Multimedia, we see that the ECS P67H2-A2 outperforms the Gigabyte P67A-UD3R-B3 but falls slightly behind the Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3.

In Media transcoding, we see that the performance is largely related to the graphics processor. The speed difference would probably correlate to the speed on encoding video clips. The ECS P67H2-A2 seems to have an upper hand.