I like the design of the gaming PC, it Is sleek and look exceptionally stunning in a dim environment.  As it is incorporates a full desktop Intel processor, it’s performance is on par with a similarly configured system running at defaults.

We thought of tweaking the system but was a bit disappointed by the restrictive nature of the BIOS. Nevertheless, the performance is compensated with a SSD that runs fast in accessing the files or launching applications from the SSD.

When performance is concerned, the choice of a Core i7 7700 didn’t really differ from our own test setup which uses a older core i7-6700K. The graphics performance was also hindered by the use of the 3GB version of the GTX 1060 Graphics card.

In conclusion, the GR8-II is a complete system that can work out of the box without headaches. Of course, with it’s flexibility, you can add on M.2 to boost the overall performance.

Currently, there are various models of the GR8-II, some comes without different configuration of SSD and HDD.

It retails at $1199 on Amazon: ASUS GR8 II-T043Z Ready Mini PC Gaming Desk…

I hope to see a AMD Ryzen 1600X powered version Gaming PC. It would definitely be more affordable to the masses.


LED colourful casing
Full Desktop Processor
Good performance

3GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics
Limited BIOS options

By Harry