Google Assistant speaks Singlish

By setting the language to English (Singapore), Google Assistant now understands localised English words. Although it is capable of interpreting some of the common words, it definitely needs more training. Some Singlish sentences contains a combination of English, Malay, Chinese, Hokkien.

I queried for the nearest restaurant serving roti prata and was delighted it was able to understand. If you ask where can I buy You Zha Kue (fried fritters) or Chay Kuay Teow. it might not be able to comprehend.

I like asking the weather and traffic. It is good that it will remember and reminds me of the weather every morning when i turn on the smartphone. It can also tell you a joke or sing a song for you.

Google Assistant can also help you make calls,  set a reminder or launch apps by voice. Alternative instead of speaking “Ok Google”, I can just squeeze the sides of the phone and Google Assistant will pop up.