Benchmark with Geekbench

As we have an early unit of the Pixel 6a, the Geekbench app can’t be install off the Google app store. This geekbench app was installed from one of the offline apk store and it was able to run it.

From what we observe from the score, the performance is no different from the Pixel 6 Pro we review a couple of months ago.

In fact, the Pixel 6a has tuned up the Single core performance by over 19% (our PIxel 6 Pro scored 848). This is quite an boost.

My personal experience is that the Pixel 6a is quite hot when i used it as a hotpost.

The Tensor seems to boost single core performance but when it comes to multithread, it might not outperform the Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 100.

PCmark work 3.0

The result is kind of lower than what I expected. That would put it in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Xiaomi MI 10T 5G range. The score on the Google Pixel 6 Pro was much higher. The amount of ram on board may have an impact on the result.

PCMARK work 3.0 result

By Harry