Redmi 5 Plus at USD 171 at Gearbest

The Redmi 5 Plus may not be the fastest smartphone as it uses the Snapdragon 625 which is a a 2 yrs old chipset.

Although it is not the speed demon one would expect, the Redmi 5 Plus has put itself matching most of the mid range phones out there in terms of specficiations. Redmi 5 Plus has brought down the price of owning a widescreen 18:9 mobile to below USD 200.

I like the fact Redmi 5 plus supports dual 3G/4G which may not be found on expensive phones. In fact, the VoLTE is a plus as most mid range tends to leave this option out.

Something that most smartphone users did not notice is the the built in Infra Red transmitter. With that, you can use it to control most of your appliances at home including TV, Cable Box, Air Con without the need to incur data. It also comes in handy when you can’t find the remote control.

The other neat feature is the FM Radio. Although many of us don’t listen to FM radio anymore but use apps to listen in. The beauty of this FM radio is that it doesn’t require you to install your earpiece as an antenna before it turns on the speaker ! This really comes in handy when you can’t find your ear piece but still need to tune in to FM radio in an area with strong reception.

Picture quality taken in day light is crisp clear and colour contrast is excellent. Night scenes aren’t that sharp but acceptable.

The screen appears blurry under strong sunlight. It may be due to the screen protector or it may not be bright enough.

In my opinion, the Redmi 5 Plus is worth every cent especially you need a large 18:9 screen for watching youtube or online channels. The camera may not perform wonders for night scenes but do well in day shots. Overall, it is a good mid range phone for the budget conscious user.

The Redmi Plus 5 (3GB) is available  USD 171.69 Redmi 5 Plus at USD 171 at Gearbest


Design 9
Display 8
Software 8
Performance 8
Battery Lif 9
Camer 8
Value For money 10


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