In the PC DIY world, graphics card tweak their drivers to compete with another brand with beta drivers. It seems that this trend has come to the smartphone benchmarking world.

According to engadget report, there are clear evidences of phone makers manipulating scores in apps like AnTuTu and GFXBench, and now a more mainstream benchmarking company, Futuremark, has publicly delisted specific Samsung and HTC phones that it suspects of cheating.

Futuremark listed Galaxy Note 3, HTC One and HTC One Mini — used spikes or bursts of performance to achieve artificially inflated scores. (This happened on motherboard and graphics cards before). It looks like benchmarking tools should detect the core clock of any intermittent spikes or have an average score for the devices.

Seriously, would you buy a smartphone based on benchmark scores ? For PC processor and graphics card perhaps. What is your say?


By Harry