At last, the much-anticipated eSIM transfer functionality has made its debut, delivering on Google’s earlier commitment. Now, when you’re in the process of setting up your new Pixel 8, you’ll notice a handy feature that allows you to seamlessly shift certain eSIM profiles from your previous Pixel device to the shiny new one.

A practical example of this capability in action comes from tipster winner00, who shared their successful experience of transferring a T-Mobile eSIM from a Pixel 7 Pro to a Pixel 8 Pro.

However, it’s crucial to be aware that the seamless eSIM transfer and the conversion of a physical SIM (pSIM) to an eSIM may not be universally supported across all devices and carriers. The compatibility of these features may vary, so it’s advisable to check if your specific devices and carriers are capable of performing these operations.

It is also possible to convert a physical SIM card into an eSIM profile. Here’s what that UI will look like:

Source : X / Mishaal Rahman

By Harry