Seesmic now offers the Twitter client you’ve been waiting for! A powerful feature-rich application that’s simple and easy to use. Share photos with your choice of image service, post videos to YouTube, share links connected with your account, fully configure your notifications and view your Direct Messages in a simple threaded view.

Fully featured
Seesmic for Android groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.
Share photos, videos and location
Share photos, videos and your location in your tweets, with the service you want. We included popular photos and videos sharing websites like yFrog, TwitPic and even Youtube. You can also automatically shorten URLs you type with, or Tinyurl.
Be Notified
You can choose to be notified for what maters to you: all your tweets, your replies or your direct messages. Do you want to be alerted by a specific ringtone, or just by a discreet little light? No problem, you can configure to be notified for what you want and how you want. Tap any notification, and you are back in the Seesmic application.