Singapore largest telecom operator SingTel fibre broadband service has been interrupted since 9am this morning. Singtel acknowledged that at 9.43am on it’s facebook page.

At it’s facebook page, there were almost 9 thousand comments complaining about the outage. It seems that the fibre service not only affected both the retail and business customers.

Singtel has just responded an hour ago to waive off charges for Singtel mobile customers for using their 4G data to surf the net for the day. Singtel engineers are still trying to rectify the issue. Singtel ADSL users are not affected by this outage as the data is carried through the phone line.

This is the 2nd major fibre broadband outage within 2 months. Starhub fibre broadband was down on 22 Oct as it’s experienced a denial of service attack on it’s network.

Are you affected by this outage ?

Update : 7.37pm Service has not been restored. If you require huge data bundle to tide things over, you can check out the M1 Tourist SIM, 5 days $30 for 100GB of data and other features. Check this link.

By Harry