If you own the Optimus 2X, chances are that you might want to backup and restore your SMS to your GMAIL account. One such application is SMS backup+ which is available from Marketplace.

This application requires you to login to your Gmail account and backup and restore your SMS there.

Unfortunately, the Optimus 2X even with 10D firmware has some issues with this application. If you run the application as it is, you will not be able to connect to your GMAIL account.

The reason for this is because the application uses the default XOAuth authentication. Although it works on other Android phones, it just failed on the Optimus 2X.

To resolve the issue, you would need to go to the Advance Settings and select IMAP server settings. Select Authetication method as CLEAR TEXT. After which you have to configure your user account as xxxxx@gmail.com and the password.

Once that is done, you can backup and restore your SMS to your GMAIL account.