Sony Ericsson launches 3 new phones in Singapore.

They are Yendo , Cedar and xperia x8

In addition, se x10, x10 mini and x10 mini pro will all receive software updates from q3 onwards in selected markets. Addional feaures will be
added to x10 in q4.

The x8 is quite similar to the x10 mini it also uses 4 corners for easy one hand naivgation to apps. There is also timescape, android market, 3.2 megPixel camera with a 3 in ch screen

The x8 will be available in q3 in white, dark blue/ white. Aqua blue/ white, pink/white, silver/white.

Sony ericsson yendo is first touch screen Walkman phone. It also uses the four corner ui just Luke the x10 mini.

It comes with touch trackid, 2 mp camera with social networking tools like facebook,

Ain’t Ericsson cedar is the ideal product for consumers featuring 3g 3.5 mm Jack. It is a greenheart phone with 2 mp camera. Other features include widget manager allowing wasy access to your avourite social networking Apps

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