Sony is slated to launch the flag ship phone tomorrow but leaks already surfaced on the internet.

The phone that Sony could launch a Sony Xperia Pro 1 which features a 1 inch sensor. For camera enthusiast, the larger the sensor, the more light it can take in. Thus, it is able to take super good night shots with good software.

So far, we haven’t seen a smartphone with a 1 inch sensor.

Sony could position this device as a vlogger’s DSLR replacement. With the 1-inch sensor, leaked accessories, and Sony’s general pricing strategy in mind, it’s safe to assume this phone will be very, very expensive.

Check out the leaked images below!

Sony Xperia Pro 1 leaked images

Sony Xperia Pro 1 Leaked Render 3
Sony Xperia Pro 1 Leaked Render 2
Sony Xperia Pro 1 Leaked Render 1
Sony Xperia Pro 1 Leaked Render 1
Sony Xperia Pro 1 Leaked Render 2

The accessories images show a “Vlog Monitor” that would likely be sold separately from the phone. The monitor can clip to the back of the phone and then be connected with a USB-C cable. This looks to be a way for vloggers to easily capture footage using the back camera instead of the selfie camera.

Catch the official announcement in 9 hours time

Source : Androidauthority