StarHub to launch its enhanced mobile broadband network and smartphone price plans on 19 September 2012

Singapore, 11 September 2012 – StarHub today announced the enhancement of its high-speed mobile broadband network with Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Dual Cell High-Speed Packet Access Plus (DC-HSPA+), which will offer its customers improved peak downlink speeds of up to 75 Mbps and 42 Mbps respectively.

“Our mobile consumers and businesses can expect to enjoy a consistent, high-speed mobile broadband experience where they work and play, both indoors and out, around Singapore. Powered by StarHub’s advanced LTE and DC-HSPA+ mobile broadband network which will offer increased data capacity, improved speeds and reduced latency, our customers can enjoy bandwidth intensive content including mobile TV, video and music streaming, cloud services, and social networking, among others,” said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Marketing & Products, StarHub. “Mobile data usage has more than doubled between 2009 and 2011, and we are seeing a fast growing demand for mobile data applications and services. We expect this growth trend to continue, and we have been devoting our resources and efforts to drive service improvements in our mobile network.”

At launch on 19 September 2012, customers can enjoy StarHub’s LTE service in Singapore’s Central Business District, as well as in Changi Airport and Singapore Expo. By the fourth quarter of 2012, StarHub will expand its LTE network to reach more than half of the island, covering key high traffic areas and suburbs. Nationwide LTE network coverage is scheduled to be completed by 2013.

To complement its LTE network, StarHub will switch on its advanced DC-HSPA+ mobile network in the coming weeks, doubling the current 3G downlink speed to up to 42 Mbps. This enhancement aims to provide StarHub customers with fast, consistent data connectivity in indoor areas, including popular lifestyle and shopping destinations, and most of Singapore’s underground network of MRT stations and tunnels. Users of the new iPad will be one of the first in Singapore to benefit from StarHub’s rollout of its high-speed DC-HSPA+ mobile network.

For customers to enjoy StarHub’s 3G and LTE services, StarHub will begin offering four new smartphone price plans from 19 September 2012. All new customers can choose from any of the four new SmartSurf plans, known as SmartSurf Lite, SmartSurf Value, SmartSurf Premium and SmartSurf Elite. Existing subscribers can continue with their current subscription plans, and those who wish to renew their contract can choose from any of the four new SmartSurf plans.

Please see below for details on the new SmartSurf plans:

SmartSurf Lite SmartSurf Value SmartSurf Premium SmartSurf Elite
Monthly subscription $38 $58 $98 $205
Talktime (mins) 100 300 700 2000
SMS/MMS bundle 800 900 1000 2500
Local data bundle 2GB 4GB 6GB 12GB
Local data bundle upsize option Add 1GB extra for $2.14 per month (UP: $4.28)1
Excess local data usage charges $6.42 per GB (UP: $8.56)1
Local data price cap Maximum data charge of $64.20 monthly (UP: $85.60)1
Speed Boost (Peak downlink speed upgrade up to 75 Mbps) Free Speed Boost is valid till 31 March 2013 (UP: Additional $10.70 per month)

The new SmartSurf plans come with StarHub’s iconic mobile features, including per-second billing, unlimited free incoming calls, free conversion of SMS to MMS, and a price cap for local data use.

The new plans also offer SmartSurf subscribers data bundles of 2GB to 12GB, with an option for them to upsize their respective data bundle by 1 GB at a promotional rate of $2.14 monthly. Based on current mobile data usage patterns, more than 90% of our customers would not exceed the new data bundles. Should they use more than the local data bundle of their mobile plan, excess local data usage will be charged at a promotional rate of $6.42 per GB. This is a significant reduction from the current rate of $3.48 per MB. iPhone or Android smartphone users can monitor their data usage via the “My StarHub” app that is available for download on the App Store or Google Play.

In addition, the new plans come with up to two times larger SMS bundles of 800 to 2500 messages. 95% of StarHub’s smartphone customer base are active SMS users who will benefit from the larger SMS bundles. SMS continues to be the most reliable and instantaneous form of text communication across all segments of customers, both young and old.

“While we focus on upgrading our network, we also recognise the importance of packaging our data products right to optimise our network resource so that our customers can enjoy a good, consistent mobile broadband experience with StarHub,” Mr Chan concluded.

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1. Promotion is valid till 31 December 2013.