Reuters reports that Taiwan NCC has identified 12 smartphone brands that do not comply with privacy standards and they could face a fine or ban from selling in Taiwan unless they address the issues.

This investigation began when the Taiwanese government stepped in to check on Mainland China firm Xiaomi of privacy issues reported in the press and online media. Data Security firms F-Secure has identified that Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd could be sending user data to its home servers in mainland China without users’ permission.

Out of the 12, most of them erred in it’s imperfection of collecting user data without user permission.

The NCC’s findings will be released within weeks. Among the listed could include the top selling brands in Taiwan. They include the American, Korean and Taiwanese brands.

NCC’s Yu said the government would ask the offending brands to modify their handsets. If they refused, the NCC could fine the companies up to T$200 million ($6.43 million) or ban their handsets from being sold in Taiwan.