■L3300 series – Innovative “Turbo LED” and “Detail Booster”

IMG_7387 copy

The L3300 series showcases two of Toshiba’s latest innovations in image processing: “Turbo LED” and “Detail Booster”. “Turbo LED” boosts brightness dramatically, by 50%[1], delivering clearer, smoother images with superb resolution. The feature is controlled by the viewer and can be used when needed, keeping power consumption to a reasonable level. “Detail Booster” enhances both resolution and image texture. It improves overall resolution by restoring image edge sharpness affected by the upscaling process, while texture enhancement analyses the original images and hones a stereoscopic effect by strengthening their brilliance. With brighter, cleaner pictures, it delivers greater viewing pleasure.  The L3300 series also supports YouTube™. The L3300 series, available in 32- and 39 inch models, is scheduled to ship in September 2013.

I personally feel that the L4300 series is probably the best bet as it has most of the features but lack the 4K screen.  Are you ready to get one these “Pro theatre” TVs when they are out in the market ??