While TPG is busy covering it’s 4G coverage in MRT tunnels, there are some exciting news on it’s 5G deployment plans.

According to TPG SG, they have been provisionally allocated 800MHz mmWave spectrum at $0 base price. There is an annual Spectrum Fee of $1.232M. One time assignment fee is $48,000.

The two allocated blocks are

  • 400MHz in 5G Band n257
  • 400MHz in 5G Band n258

Hoepfully, TPG will be able to provide 5G services by the end of 2021.

The initial implementation will be a non Standalone deployment.

Currently, mmWave supporting handsets are quite limited. Even though there are, they need to support the n257 and n258 bands. Most importantly, the handsets may need to be provisioned to work on the respective network.