Xiaomi India has released a statement regarding the support of 5G SA on the Mi 10T Pro device. The company has confirmed that the Mi 11X, 11X Pro and 11 Lite NE 5G have already received an OTA update enabling 5G SA. However, the Mi 10, Mi 10i, Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro will receive an update soon. Unfortunately, there is no ETA mentioned in the statement.

It is unclear whether the Global ROM will also be updated with 5G SA access as the handset is still unable to log in to the 5G SA network in Singapore. This has left many users wondering when they can expect to receive the update and whether it will be available for all devices.

The OTA update is a software update that is delivered over-the-air to your device. It is a convenient way to update your device without having to connect it to a computer. The Global ROM is a version of Xiaomi’s MIUI software that is designed for use outside of China.

5G SA stands for “Standalone” and refers to a type of 5G network that does not rely on existing LTE infrastructure. Instead, it uses its own dedicated infrastructure to provide faster speeds and lower latency.

Xiaomi India发布了一份声明,关于Mi 10T Pro设备的5G SA支持。该公司已经确认,Mi 11X、11X Pro和11 Lite NE 5G已经收到了OTA更新,启用了5G SA。然而,Mi 10、Mi 10i、Mi 10T和Mi 10T Pro将很快收到更新。不幸的是,声明中没有提及任何预计时间。

目前还不清楚全球ROM是否也会更新为5G SA版本,因为该手机仍无法登录新加坡的5G SA网络。这让许多用户想知道何时可以收到更新以及是否适用于所有设备。


5G SA代表“独立”,是一种不依赖现有LTE基础设施的5G网络类型。相反,它使用自己的专用基础设施来提供更快的速度和更低的延迟。

By Harry