ASUS P7P55/USB3 Motherboard is the First to Offer Front Panel USB 3.0 Support

ASUS Delivers Increased USB 3.0 Accessibility and Convenience

P7P55/USB3 Motherboard is the First to Offer Front Panel USB 3.0 Support

ASUS today introduces the P7P55/USB3 motherboard—a motherboard with front panel USB 3.0 support designed to give users greater accessibility and convenience.

Leading Motherboards for the USB 3.0 Era

ASUS has pushed for the introduction of USB 3.0 across its product range, having been the first company to introduce a USB 3.0 motherboard with the P7P55D-E Series.

The company has once again set a standard with the P7P55/USB3—an affordable mainstream motherboard that delivers convenient, easily-accessible USB 3.0 performance. The P7P55/USB3 fits into any standard chassis, making it compatible with most consumers’ hardware.

A Stable and Convenient USB3.0 MB Experience

The P7P55/USB3 is the first motherboard to come with two USB 3.0 ports situated on the front and the rear I/O to answer users’ need for increased USB 3.0 accessibility. The P7P55/USB3 features an additional NEC chip to support the two front panel USB 3.0 headers. This ensures that there is no reduction in data transfer speed for each individual port.


  1. Kohy July 18, 2010 4:04 pm  Reply

    Great! USB3

  2. Asus introduceert P55-moederbord met usb 3.0 » July 16, 2010 6:33 pm  Reply

    […] echter een moederbord op de markt met usb 3.0-headers volgens Intels de facto standaard. Het P7P55/USB3-moederbord in atx-formaat is, behalve van de frontpanel-header voor twee usb 3.0-poorten, voorzien van twee […]

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