Air purifiers usually comes in the form of a HEPA filter which needs to be replaced occasionally. This naturally adds up to the costs of ownership. HweeSeng Electronics (S) Pte Ltd officially brings this amazing product to Singapore.

The Airfree purifier technology was developed by a Portugese businessman who was finding an effective way to ease his son’s allergy attacks. He found that heat is the best way to kill the airborne germs, mold, bacteria, ozon, mite and dust allergens.

Amazon US also sells the Airfree Air purifier

It is also available on Qoo10.sg

Instead of using a Filter to trap them, the Airfree Purifiers absorb the surrounding air and reduce the air pollution by burning the microorganisms. The centre of the purifier is the TSS ceramic core which is heated to 200 Degrees Celsius.

As it does not have any moving parts, it is completely noiseless. Just turn it on 24 x 7 and breathe in better air quality. The Airfree protects everyone and it is most effective with homes with mould, allergy and asthma sufferers, toddlers, mothers to be and the elderly at home.

All models are plug and play and there is no fanciful timer control or smartphone controls.

There are 6 models for different room size.

Amazon US also sells the Airfree Air purifier

Lotus Price $858 – capacity of 60m2 and power consumption of 47 – 58 W

Lotus series

Tulip Price TBA – capacity of 32m2 with power consumption of 43 – 53 W

Amazon US also sells the Airfree Air purifier

 BabyAir Series

Lotus series for living room
P series

Iris  Price S$638 – capacity of 50m2 and power consumption of 45 – 55 W

P series Price S$478 – capacity of 32m2 and power consumption of 43 – 53W

E60 Series Price S$398 – capacity of 23m2 and power consumption of 43W

BabyAir Series Price S$418 – capacity of 21m2 and power consumption of 43W

BabyAir series
All models  comes with 2 years warranty

By Harry