Yesterday, we reported that Amazon US will stop it’s free shipping to Singapore. Today, Amazon Singapore changed it’s site and launched it’s Prime membership for S$2.99/mth (30 days trial).

With the Prime membership, It still maintains it’s Singapore 2 hours free shipping promise. In addition, it now includes  free shipping from Amazon US store for orders above S$60 (within 7 to 9 days). Previously, free shipping is only available for orders above USD 125.

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With the Prime membership, Singapore users will also enjoy free unlimited access to streaming of popular movies and TV Shows and free game content with Twitch.


The new Prime Now mobile app includes tabs below for selecting Singapore or International

Currently orders can only be made via it’s mobile app and not available from it’s website.

Amazon Prime, with tens of millions of members worldwide, is a membership program that offers members exclusive shipping, shopping, and entertainment benefits. In Singapore, shopping on the Amazon Prime Now app is available exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Prime Now offers free 2-hour delivery for orders over S$40 with items available locally and free delivery for orders over S$60 with items from the international selection of millions of additional items from the US. Prime members will also have exclusive access to unlimited, instant streaming of popular movies and TV shows, including award-winning, original Amazon titles, and free game content with Twitch, monthly Twitch channel subscription credits, along with ad-free Twitch viewing.