If you are into high end gaming, wanting more higher speed discrete graphics processing unit, you might have to wait for the war between the two Graphics giants AMD and NVIDIA.
AMD is slated to launch it’s VEGA 10 architecture GPU based on 14nm FinFET to challenge NVIDIA upcoming high end cards.

AMD Vega 10 will be equipped with 2nd generation HBM2 which delivers higher bandwidth that the current generation. The Vega 10 GPU will offer bandwidth of up to 1024 Gbps second, which is 3.2X faster than NVIDIA’s 320GBps on the NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 card. The AMD VEGA 10 GPU is expected to deliver 12 TeraFlops vs 10.8 TeraFlops on the GTX 1080.

The specs plus and the usual lower price/performance ratio would definitely attract DIY or gamers.

NVIDIA on the other hand would bring forward it’s Volta architecture by a year which is superior in leaps to it’s own Pascal architecture.

So, which card are you ready to buy in the 2017 ?

By Harry