AMD APU A8, A6, A4 series processor details; A6-3500 (3 core) might have hidden core disabled and can be turned into A6-3600

It’s confirmed that there will be 7 different models of APUs that will be released in early July 2011.

First the A8 series. There are two models in A8 series, namely the A8-3850 rated 100W 2.9GHz Quad Core. The other model is A8-3000 rated 65W, 2.7/2.4GHz (turbo Core). Both has 4MB L2 cache, 400 Radeon Cores with GPU at 600MHz. Graphics class is HD 6550D.

There are three in A6 Series, the first is A6-3650. It is a 100W, 4core at 2.6GHz. THe A6-3600 is 65W 4Core, 2.4/2.1GHz (Turbo Core). The A6-3500 is 65W 3 core 2.4/2.1 (turbo Core). All has 4MB L2 cache except A6-3500 which has 3MB. All three models have 320 Radeon Cores at 443MHz. Graphics class is HD 6530D

Lastly the A4 series A4-3400 is 65W 2 cores 2.7GHz and A4-3300 65W 2C at 2.5GHz. All A4 models have 160 Radeon Cores of HD 6410D. L2 cache is 1MB and the graphics GPU clock is 600MHz for A4-3400 and 443MHz for A4-3300.

The most interesting processor I would say is the A6-3500. As it is a tri core, it seems that this processor is exactly the same as A6-3600 with one core “turned off”. Will there be any BIOS hack that can turn on the hidden core if the hidden core exists ?