In AMD third-quarter report, Mercury highlighted AMD’s remarkable advancements in server, desktop, and notebook unit shares compared to the previous year. AMD’s strong performance was propelled by the robust adoption of their 4th Gen EPYC and Ryzen 7000 series processors. The figures revealed a notable increase of 5.8% in server unit share, 5.3% in desktop unit share, and 3.8% in notebook unit share year-over-year.

AMD also made impressive strides in revenue share, marking a gain of 1.7% in server revenue share, 4.1% in desktop revenue share, and 5.1% in notebook revenue share year-over-year.

Looking at the quarter-over-quarter performance, AMD exhibited a substantial 4.7-point increase in server unit share, attributed to the strong demand for both the 3rd and 4th Gen EPYC processor families. The Q3 earnings report underlined the remarkable growth of over 50% in revenue from the 4th Gen EPYC CPUs, which notably dominated the server processor revenue and unit shipments. This surge was fueled by hyperscalers expanding their EPYC processor usage for both internal workloads and public instances, optimizing their infrastructure expenditure.

Furthermore, quarter-over-quarter, AMD saw a 2.9-point increase in mobile unit share. This growth was supported by the market presence of more than 50 notebook designs powered by Ryzen AI. Sales of the Ryzen 7000 processors, featuring the industry-leading Ryzen AI on-chip accelerator, significantly increased as PC market inventory normalized and demand returned to seasonal patterns.

Please see table below with both Y/Y and Q/Q details for reference –

AMD Share Summary2023 Q32023 Q22022 Q3Unit ShareRevenue Share*
Current QuarterPrior QuarterYear Ago QuarterChange (points)Change (points)
UnitRevenue Share*UnitRevenue Share*UnitRevenue ShareQ/QY/YQ/QY/Y
Total Client19.4%16.9%17.3%14.1%15.0%12.2%2.1%4.4%2.8%4.8%

*Revenue share calculated by AMD based on Mercury data

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