Research firm IDC, recently released its Q2 data on the microprocessor market.  According to the latest report, AMD seems to have improved over Q1 2011 and gained some share.

IDC’s report mentions that AMD’s share in total PC microprocessor market increased by 1.5% in Q2 2011 compared to previous quarter. However if we dig deeper it seems that the company gained share in notebooks and desktops but continued to perform poorly in servers where its share further declined to 5.5%. Although AMD is expected to launch its bulldozer CPU in later half of this year, we have reduced our market share expectations for the full year 2011 from slight gains to slight losses.

However, the notebook market share gain was a positive surprise and consequently we have adjusted our expectation in the category slightly upwards.

Price estimate for AMD stands at $9.90 , implying a significant premium to the market price.