As Asian users gets their hands on the iPhone 4 today, more reports are coming out in various forums about the various problems surrounding the iPhone 4.

In Singapore, all 3 operators are selling the iPhone 4. It is reported that some oeprators have stocks witih default IOS 4.0 while some IOS 4.0.1

While this doesn’t really matter, it just shows that there are probably 2 batches of goods available.

It is said that some batches do experience the death grip problem. The signal indicator drops to 1 bar when you grip it by covering the antenna. If the bumper is used, the problem goes away. As there are two batches, it is unsure if those with 4.0.1 experience any problems.

In Hong Kong, operator CSL is alleged to benefit from the FaceTime activation by charging users from this service. CSL charges SMS fee of HKD 3 (in HK)or- 4  (roaming) everytime you run this feature.

So, you would probably be paying more unknowingly (if you don’t read T&C). So far, other operators do not require you to pay for this feature.

Facetime is a new feature of the iPhone 4 allowing you to do video conferencing between two users within the same wifi network.