Apple Inc. has chosen September 12 as the day to reveal its biggest upgraded products. This includes showing off the new iPhone 15 and smarter watches.

The company shared this news on its website and through emails with the message “Wonderlust.”

You can watch the presentation online starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on September 12 (or 1 a.m. on September 13 in Singapore). There will also be an event at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California. A news source, Bloomberg News, had previously said that Apple was going to do this on that day.

Apple is feeling more pressure than usual for this iPhone launch. Their sales have gone down for three quarters because not many people are buying their phones and other things. These new things should help them make more money during the holiday season, which is when they usually sell the most. The iPhone and Apple Watch are the things that make Apple the most money.

The most important part of the event will be the new iPhone 15. There will be two cheaper models and two more expensive ones.

The cheaper ones will be called the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. They will have some features from the expensive models of last year, like a fast chip, a special screen, and a camera with lots of pixels. But they will look the same as the ones before.

The more expensive models will have bigger changes. They will use a different kind of metal called titanium instead of the usual steel. This will make them lighter. The screen will also be bigger because the edges around it will be smaller. The chip inside will be faster too. The most expensive iPhone will also have a better camera that can take pictures of far-away things more clearly. And all the new iPhones will use a different kind of way to charge.

Usually, after Apple shows new iPhones, you can order them a week later and get them in another week. This time, some of the more expensive models might cost more than before.

At the same event, Apple will also show new AirPods that can be charged with the same thing as the iPhone.

For the Apple Watch, they will show the Series 9 and a better version of the Ultra that was first shown in 2022.

The new watches will work faster. This is the first time Apple has made the smartwatch work better in three years. But most of the other changes will be small. They will also have new colors for the cases. One of the Ultras might come in black.

By Harry