Zero1 beta launches it’s Zero1 2Go 📲✈️ ️ Have the greatest travel experiences with uninterrupted connectivity powered the best networks around the world!

Offering competitive data packages with the choice of physical SIM and eSIM cards, Zero1 2Go keeps connected in destinations across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania!

The SIM or eSIM covers all major cities in the world which you could explore.

The data plan comes in either SIM or e-SIM. The process is pretty straightforward, the subscriber just need to select the destination, the type of SIM, install SIM or install eSIM profile. Connect to the preferred network at the destination.

Packages comes in various forms and are selectable in terms of data bundle and the number of days.

The screen shot below shows the pricing of 2 GB for 30 days in Malaysia.

The above are some pricing information for other regions.

The setup is quite standard for SIM or e-SIM after installing or download and activating the QR Code.

The APN setting is important and it must be set to

Name : BICS Internet (of anything you prefer which you can recognise as the default APN for the SIM)

APN : bicsapn

If the setting is not saved and used, you might have no access to 4G data.

To activate, the data must be enabled and data roaming must be turned on.

The plans are quite similar to what travelgator offers. So , what do you think of the pricing and data bundle, post your comment below.

By Harry