If you have been following our reports, SONY and SAMSUNG have announced their plans for 3D TVs in Singapore. Samsung will have it in March while SONY promises June-July 2010.

Viewers of Avatar must be impressed by the 3D effects in the cinemas with big screen. How about on a 40-52″ LCD TV? We witnessed both the SONY and SAMSUNG LCD TV demostrating in 3D. I would say is impressive.

There are still issues that needs to be sorted out before it will take off especially in an Asian country like

Singapore has one of the highest population with myopic. Look around you, you see students wearing spectacles. According to http://www.myopia.org/myopiaprevalence.htm, 79% of adults are myopic.
When the school children reach adulthood, their degree might have gone up in the range of 300 degrees.

Problem arises, to view a 3D program on the LCD TV, you would need to wear a special battery powered spectacle. It is cumbersome to wear a spectable over another one. Moreover, these glasses is one size fits
all. The younger audience would not be able to enjoy their animations with a loose fit spectacle. Perhaps 3D TV retailers should bundle in a free LASIK operation for those who are willing to spend money on a LCD TV.

Secondly, LCD TV won’t be cheap. Basically, you will be paying for just another LCD TV but with a 3D decoder. In fact, it is all super imposed images (if you look at it without the spectacles).

Thirdly, a lot of the films or sports programmes are not in 3D. Although there are broadcasters overseas filming the World Cup in 3D, the local audience are stillstil wondering if both Pay TV operators here are able to secure the broadcast rights in 2D!

Most importantly, there have been cases of people feel nauesous after prolong periods in front of a 3D screen. Would it be a health hazard. Do we need to have doctors on standby before we view in 3D. We might also end up with more psychiatric patients at the end of the day imagining things as there aren’t able to differentiate real 3D and virtual 3D anymore.

Times evolve and gets better over time. I am sure technology is to help better our lifes. So will you get a 3D TV in time to come ?



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  1. I agreed, wearing a 3D glasses on top of my personal glasses is a burden-some affair.

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