SiSoft Sandra 2011 Benchmarks

In our tests, we compare the AMD APU A8-3850 running on both ASRock A75 Extreme6 and Gigabyte A75-UD4H running on default clock of 29×100 (2.9GHz). The ASRock A75 Extreme6 runs at default with memory at DDR3-1866 at C7-8-7-20-1T. The system is then overclocked with GPU set to 900MHz (default is 600MHz) and APU o/c to 26 x 133 (3.458GHz). The memory running on the Gigabyte is at DDR3-1772 at DDR3-C9-9-9-27-2T due to stability issues at high ram speed. The ASRock runs the memory at DDDR3-2125-c-9-9-27-1T with P1.30 BIOS.

Memory Benchmark

The A8-3850 runs on a default clock of 29 x 100MHz = 2.9GHz. We managed to overclock it to 26 x 133 = 3.45GHz with just slight voltage bump.

Using the dual stick Kingston Grey Series DDR3-2133 memory module, the system booted up in DDR3-1333. We have to manually adjust the select the memory ratio of DDR3-1866 from the drop down menu. The voltage must be set to 1.65v as it defaults to 1.5v in the BIOS.

As for running the memory at DDR3-2125, we will need to increase the voltage level to 1.7v for stability. Otherwise the system will hang or abort during benchmarking.

From the chart, it can be easily sen that the memory bandwidth is slightly better on the Gigabyte A75-UD4H when we run the board at default clock and memory timing of DDR3-1866. When we tried to push both boards to overclock, the memory timings were affected. The ASRock A75 Extreme6 performed better in terms of stability with the same HyperX modules with GPU clk at 900MHz and CPU CLK at 133MHz x 26. The memory with a multiplier ratio ran at DDR3-2125 C9-9-9-27-1T. That is probably the reason we see a boost in memory performance from 16.59 GB/s to 19.58 GB/s

In processor arithmetic, both boards are not too far off from each other in both configurations. ASRock performs slightly better over the Gigabyte.

In Multimedia tests, both has win and lose in default configuration and overclock settings. The differences is within 1 mpixel/s

In transcoding, the ASRock A75 Extreme6 edged over the Gigabyte in both test environment

In GP(GPU/CPU) tests, in processing and bandwidth, both boards are quite similar in benchmarks. That is so for video rendering. When it comes to video memory bandwidth, we can see that the ASRock A75 Extreme6 when overclock with a higher memory bandwidth at DDR3-2125, the difference is noticeable. ASRock scores 9.75 GB/s while the Gigabyte scores 9GB/s