Cinebench 11.5

In Cinebench 11.5 Win32 benchmark, the two test include CPU and OpenGL test. As the APU comes with a Radeon HD 6550 Class graphics, we expect the OpenGL results to be good.

First, let’s take a look at the Cinebench 11.5 CPU test. Both boards gives almost identical scores in default and overclocked modes. It is all within 0.01 difference.

What about in OpenGL ? We noticed a difference in the scores. As both boards are using a similar version of the driver provided by the manufacturers, would that be a BIOS issue that result in such a difference in result ?

The Gigabyte A75-UD4H scored 21.17 fps while the ASRock A75 Extreme6 is able to achieve 32.02  fps. When overclocked, it is not a surprise to see the ASRock leading as the extra memory bandwidth would have helped.