WiFi Performance P.K. Test
The Most Powerful WiFi Connectivity – ASRock ION 330HT-BD

January 5th, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan – ASRock Inc. the leading motherboard and nettop manufacturer proudly announce the WiFi performance P.K. result between ASRock and Acer systems. Thanks to the excellent effort of ASRock RD team, we’re glad to share our outstanding WiFi capability with all of you. ASRock NetTop ION 330HT-BD allows users to take advantage of unrestricted WiFi transmission effortlessly and you could even get rid of the limited wireless performance from now on.

Most enterprises are developing advanced wireless LAN for the increasing users with needs for corporate applications that involve the Internet, e-mail, web browsing and so on. The need for higher data rates and techniques to improve performance of wireless LAN is becoming crucial to support these types of applications. To get the optimized WiFi connectivity, it’s important to select the PC system!

Today, ASRock has done an Indoor Field Trial Test to compare the WiFi performance between our ION 330HT-BD and Acer Aspire R3610. During the test, ASRock ION 330HT-BD has once again proofed its excellent WiFi capability and can definitely provide users the most unrestricted WiFi connectivity. ASRock NetTop ION 330HT-BD, offering the hassle free, zero barrier network connectivity of WiFi 802.11n technology. Not only speed your connection to the internet greatly with a wider bandwidth, WiFi 802.11n can also cover longer distance coverage. Due to the excellent placement of antennas, ION 330HT series embedded with two invisible antennas (placed in a vertical/horizontal position), hidden inside the front panel that ensure you the most stable and unrestricted-direction wireless network coverage.