SiSoft Sandra 2010 Benchmarks

The first test is the memory benchmark test. On this board, the CPU CLK is set at 133.9MHz for BCLK on the Core i7 965 processor.

In the memory test, the memory used is Kingston DDR3-2000 (3x2GB), the ram is run at XMP profile #1 which defaults to C7, 8-7-20,1T. From the scores below, the ASRock X58 Extreme6 seems to have a better memory score comparing to the two other X58 boards in the test group.


Processor Arithmetic

Sometimes due to the way boards are designed, the same processor will also give you slightly different results. In this case, the ASRock X58 Extreme6 seems to be on par with the ASUS Rampage III Gene in Drystone but differs quite a bit from the it’s little brother the X58 Extreme3.

Processor Multimedia

As for processor multimedia test, the test results shows that the ASRock X58 Extreme6 is on par in results with the ASUS Rampage III Gene. The boosted result on the ASRock X58 Extreme3 shows that BIOS does make some differences in results.


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