ASRock Z170 Extreme 7+
SH Teo 30 Jun 2016

Skylate, Intel latest and the greatest mainstream CPU at 14nm tock, which means same manufacturing process with the hardly seen Broadwell, but with  some micro-architectural changes which supposedly brings greater CPU and GPU performance and reduced power consumption.

Z170 chipset is also the latest and the greatest chipset to support Skylake and DDR4. Many motherboard makers have more than 10 models of Z170 motherboards which primary divided into 3 classes. Gaming, Overclocking and Mainstream with some motherboard makers mixing between gaming/overclocking while all can do mainstream. I do like the idea of dividing them because as a gamer I do not want extreme overclocking features and as an overclocker, I do not need features like killer nic, supreme audio etc.

The Asrock Z170 Extreme 7+ belongs to the mainstream motherboard. A quick check on Asrock website shows it is the highest end motherboard in the extreme series. Some of the features of the motherboard at a glance


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