SiSoft Sandra 2011b Benchmarks

In our test, we use SiSoft Sandra 2011b to test out the memory bandwidth, artithmetic and multimedia performance of the CPU with 4 cores enabled and overclocked to 3.25GHz (250.8×13) . The Original Phenom II X3 710 default is 2.6GHz. In our benchmarks, we will compare the performance to a closely clocked Core i5 2500K running on Intel P67 chipset on our ECS P67H2-A board.

In Media transcoding, the score is halved of the Intel Core i5 2500K which we used in our ECS P67H2-A Review (INTEL  P67). In multimedia tests, the o/c processor is no match for the Core i5 2500K (53.23 Mpix/s vs 95.62 Mpix/s). Likewise, in Arithmetic, the score is 43.66 GOPs vs 59.34 GOPs. As for memory bandwidth, it scored 12.46GB/s which is halved of 25GB/s of the Intel series.

Well, does that mean it is a bad gaming platform?  We shall see.