Futuremark 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark11

We first tested the board running a single card, the ASUS EAH6850, after which, we pair it up with the ASUS EN GTX 460 TOP card with Hydra driver enabled.

3DMark Vantage scored H8944 in a single card configuration and the score improved to H12875 when the GTX 460 card is added onto the system. It gave a 43% boost in 3D performance in this test.

On the ECS P67H2-A which we used a similarly configured system, the system scored  H9112 and H12790 respectively. This clearly shows that the graphic performance is still primarily dependent on the GPU.

What about 3DMark 11 (X). On the ASUS board, we get two scores, X1150 and X1685 (Hydra – 2 cards). Again we see a 46% boost in 3D performance.

On the ECS Intel P67 system, the scores are X1148 and X1829. In this benchmark the Intel P67 has an upper hand when Hydra is enabled for these two cards.