Configuration screen

The picture below shows the set up screen for AirProtection. AirProtection is a network protection shield by Trend Micro. With this in place, your router now adds another layer of protection of the network. It not only scans for route for security vulnerabilities, blocks malicious sites and also prevents external port connections from infected devices within the network to external IPs.


IMG_7924 copy



The network map give you a bird’s eye view of the router. e.g. how many DHCP clients are connected, is DDNS enabled, the wireless encryption employed etc.


IMG_7921 copy


The design of the router has room for improvements. Other than the antennas, you will find the USB ports on the the right corner of the front panel. The router feels a bit warm and the slight vibration could be from the internal fan.

IMG_7923 copy


Behind the router, you can find another USB port, the WPS setup button, the WAN port , 4 LAN ports. and the power switch.


IMG_7916 copy



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By Harry