ASUS Launches the User-Tunable Xonar Essence One Plus Edition

Award-winning external USB DAC and headphone amplifier now ships with a bundled Op-Amp swap kit, allowing audiophiles greater sound characteristic modification

Singapore (July 02, 2012) ― the ASUS Xonar Essence One external digital-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier earned considerable critical acclaim, winning a 2012 CES Innovations Award in the audio component category with the industry’s only 8x symmetrical upsampling. The newly-launched ASUS Xonar Essence One Plus Edition further adds a bundled Op-Amp swap kit with six extensively-tested Op-Amps to make sound characteristic tuning easier out of the box, with no soldering required. It also saves customers the need to purchase Op-Amps separately.

More accessible audio modification with six bundled Op-Amps

Op-Amps serve a critical role in audio hardware, amplifying analog signals and determining tone and timbre characteristics. Dedicated audiophiles often choose to change Op-Amps to fine-tune performance, something the original Xonar Essence One supported with its eleven swappable Op-Amps. This feature proved highly popular, leading the Xonar team to extensively test over a hundred different Op-Amps with the original Xonar Essence One in order to check for a wide audio tuning range. The six Op-Amps deemed most unique in their impact on sound character were selected to be part of the Xonar Essence One Plus Edition, the first USB DAC with a bundled Op-Amp swap kit. By combining the original Texas Instruments TI-NE5532 Op-Amps with four Texas Instruments TI-OPA2132PA and two NS-LM4562NA Op-Amps, the special edition allows for five unique tonal impression customization options. The kit even includes an IC clamp, a screw driver, and an Op-Amp swap guide which shares various Op-Amp tips based on the Xonar team’s findings. These make swapping any of the existing eleven Op-Amps easy for quick audio modification based on personal preference. The kit further offers compatibility with other Xonar products, including the Xonar Essence ST/STX, Xonar Xense, and Xonar DS/DSX.

Clear and accurate sound detail reproduction

With 32-bit 8x symmetrical upsampling, the Xonar Essence One Plus Edition outputs high resolution lossless audio, creating detailed and lively performance in music and other applications. Its integrated 600ohm-optimized headphone amplifier easily drives any headset currently on the market, guaranteeing customers who choose personal audio enjoyment crystal clear detail and genuine sound impact. In terms of clarity, the Xonar Essence One Plus Edition maintains the same high-spec 120dB SNR of the original version, eliminating unwanted noise and distortion. This is further helped by exclusive ASUS Hyper Grounding technology, which separates analog and digital signals for reduced EMI and even purer sound.

For power delivery, a dedicated internal linear design prevents current loss, giving components the power they need to reach peak performance while reducing interference and fluctuations due to external AC line conditions. ASUS has also integrated a premium WIMA capacitor (made in Germany), one of the most highly-regarded parts among audio enthusiasts for its warmer, cleaner, and more balanced sound image. Additional technical highlights include asynchronous data transfer to eliminate jitter, and balanced XLR connectors for easier hook ups with professional audio gear.

*ASUS Xonar Essence One Plus Edition available in European markets only. Additional distribution may be announced at a later date.


SNR 120dB
Frequency response (3dB, 24-bit/192KHz output) <10Hz to 48KHz
Input source USB 2.0/SPDIF
Sample/bit rate support 44.1KHz/48KHz/88.2KHz/96KHz/176.4KHz/192kHz @16-bit/24-bit
Main DAC TI PCM1795
Headphone amplifier NS LME49600TS, optimized for 600ohm impedance
Analog playback sample rate and resolution 44.1KHz/48KHz/88.2KHz/96KHz/176.4KHz/192KHz @16-bit/24/32-bit
Upsampling capability Up to 352.8KHz (44.1KHz/88.2KHz/176.4KHz input) or 384KHz (48KHz/96KHz/192KHz input), 32-bit
Outputs Balanced XLR line-out

1/4” headphone=out

Unbalanced RCA line-out

Op-Amp swap kit contents Op-Amps (recommended for swapping I/V and buffer slots):

4 x TI Burr-Brown OPA2132PA

2 x NS LM4562NA

Tool kit:

1 x screw driver

1 x IC clamp

1 x Op-Amp swap guide