ASUS Presents Full Range of Windows8-Ready AMD Platform Motherboards

Loaded with new features and exclusiveinnovations tailored to the upcoming operating system

Singapore (July 23, 2012) ― to provide the best userexperience on the AMD platform, ASUS has refreshed a variety ofmotherboards, including mainstream channel models, dedicated products fromROG and the TUF Series, plus FM1 socket-compatible and power-efficientAPU-based models. Each product offers a variety of new ASUS exclusivetechnologies such as digital power control, Remote GO!, and NetworkiControl, alongside innovative Fast Boot, ASUS Boot Setting, and DirectKey,all specifically leveraging upcoming Windows 8 capabilities. Both new andexisting features have been tailored and tested to comply with the Windows8 architecture for total stability and maximized utility, while allmotherboards have gone through a full series of compatibility assurancetests in getting ready for the move to Windows 8.

M5A99/97 R2.0 and TUF Series: refreshed AM3+ with exclusive Windows 8features

Fully upgraded AM3+/990FX motherboards now include a variety of featuresthat are designed to enhance the Windows 8 experience. Fast Boot ensurescustomers make the most of Windows 8 expedited boot up, creating a smootherand more responsive experience. By enabling Fast Boot, system power-up toWindows 8 login takes just two seconds, cutting out annoying waits. Adirect result of Windows 8 optimization efforts, ASUS Boot Setting affordsgreater flexibility in customizing a PCs startup process. It allows forinstant one-click access to the user-friendly BIOS upon reboot or theability to choose between various expedited startup profiles. ASUS BootSetting saves preferences permanently, and no further selections areneeded. Exclusive DirectKey has been developed for customers who demandfrequent and effortless BIOS access, even with the PC on standby power. Onekey press goes to the BIOS immediately, eliminating the tradition ofrepeatedly pressing the DEL key for greater convenience and accuracy.

The above features all tie in directly to Windows 8 capabilities, butASUS has gone even further. New Dual Intelligent Processors 3 with SMARTDIGI+ Key, a digital power delivery design that offers dedicatedcontrollers for the CPU and DRAM, makes delicate power tuning of bothavailable on the AMD platform for the first time. Overall system stability,power efficiency and overclocking potential all see an improvement as aresult of the new design, which is available on the M5A99/97 R2.0 Seriesand the TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0. Also on board is the new and compactRemote GO!, catering to diverse home entertainment needs, based on ASUSWi-Fi GO! technology. With the app installed on mobile devices, smartphonesand tablets transform into a PC remote control, with three useful wirelessfunctions: DLNA Media Hub, Remote Desktop, and File Transfer.

Crosshair V Formula-Z: Windows 8 on AMD with the Republic ofGamers

The all-new ROG AM3+ gaming motherboard arrives loaded with most of theabove mentioned features, reinforcing them via added ROG exclusivetechnologies to provide hardcore gamers the most powerful and stable AMDplatform Windows 8 choice. Gaming and overclocking-specific featuresinclude ROG Extreme Engine Digi+ II precision digital power control anddelivery, again covering both CPU and DRAM for refined tuning and a wideroverclocking margin. Upgraded SupremeFX III™ audio boosts onboardsound to pro-gaming standards, offering enhanced immersion and audiopositioning in games. Its Red Line shielding technology maintains clearanalog/digital signal separation for cleaner sound quality, while ametallic EMI cover blocks interference from adjacent components inside thecase. For better online multiplayer and overall networking, exclusiveGameFirst II now features the all-new EZ mode, an intuitive user interfacethat lets gamers quickly manage bandwidth prioritization and trafficshaping to reduce ping and lag.

F1A75/A55 Series: addressing a wider customer base

For the AMD FM1 socket with A75 and A55 chipsets, ASUS has also readieda refresh of models ahead of Windows 8 general availability. F1A75-M PROR2.0 and F1A55 R2.0 Series motherboards feature hardware tuned for the newoperating system alongside ASUS exclusives that make the most of FM1socket-compatible CPUs and the energy-efficient AMD APU design. The F1A75-MPRO R2.0 is equipped with Dual Intelligent Processors 2, featuring TPU andEPU performance and energy optimization controllers alongside DIGI+ VRMdigital power delivery, which offers precision voltage adjustments forcustomized power based on APU characteristics while creating moreoverclocking headroom. Additional features include Network iControl,LucidLogix Virtu™ MVP, UEFI BIOS and AI Suite II.


About ASUS

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