Benchmark configuration


Intel Z87 Platform

ASUS Z87-A  Intel Core i7-4770K processor
ASUS GTX 650 Ti Boost
2 x 2048 MB Kingston HyperX DDR3-2400 (2GB) running DDR3-2400 at C11-13-11-30-2T (XMP Profile 1)
Kingston SSDNOW V Series 64GB  Windows 8 professional

We tested the motherboard with ASUS GeForce 650Ti Boost with Forcweware version 314.22 dtd 25/3/2013




Benchmark Tests Run

Memory Benchmarks / Content Based

– SiSoft Sandra 2013
– Memory, Arithmetic, Multimedia and Transcoding
– Cinebench 11.5 Win64 – CPU and OpenGL
– 3Dmark 11 (X)
– 3Dmark IceStorm, CloudGate and FireStrike
– Unigine Heaven Demo ver 4 (extreme) 1600×900
– Final Fantasy XOV (1920×1080)
– AVP (1920×1080)


Using the UEFI BIOS, we managed to overclock the processor Core i7-4770K to 46 x 102 by raising the CPU Multiplier to 46x for all 4 cores. The Kingston memory is thus overclocked to run at DDR3-2448 at 1.65v. The CPU was raised to 1.28v and it runs on air cool.


By Harry