SiSoft Sandra  2013 benchmarks

As we are using an external graphics card for the test, the results will be quite different from testing the processor alone with it’s embedded graphics engine. As we have not tested it discretely, the closest reference is the ASUS Z87-A that we benchmarked using the Core i7 4770K. We put the link here for your cross-reference.

In our first test, we take a look at the memory performance. Running at defaults with XMP profile #1 for the Kingston memory, we are able to get a throughput  of 22.73 MB/s. During the overclocking test, the memory performance is slightly up to 23.12 as we upped the BCLK to 102MHz and the multiplier set to 46 times.

ASUS Z87 Sabertooth memory benchmarks

In SiSoft Arithmetic tests, the score is better at 115 GOPs compared to using the internal graphics (Z87-A with 4770 scored  109.21 GOPs). When overclocked, it gain another 13 GOPS to 127.76 GOPS.

ASUS Z87 Sabertooth arithmetic benchmarks

In the multimedia benchmarks, the results could be down throttling. No matter what, we are able to get 420.24 Mpixel/s at default but a slower 376.3 Mpixel/s when overclocking the processor. The results are slightly better than the Z87-A using 4770 by 20 Mpixels/s (Z87-A with 4770 scored 400 Mpixel/s).

ASUS Z87 Sabertooth multimedia benchmark

For media transcode, the CPU+board scored 5.48 MB/s which is faster than the 5 MB/s scored on the Z87-A with 4770 processor. Surprisingly, the performance didn’t scale higher as the Z87_A with 4770 was able to attain 7Mpixel/s when it was overclock to 39×105

ASUS Z87 media transcode

By Harry