ASUS Z97 Technical Seminar 2014 held at IBIS Hotel
bt 1 Jun 2014


Last Friday, ASUS held a Technical Seminar for both retailers and end users in Singapore at IBIS HOTEL.


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The focus products of this technical event were the new Intel Z97 motherboards. They are classified under the ROG Z97 Series, TUF Z97 Series and the ASUS Z97 Series.

The ASUS Z97 Series is probably the most consumer oriented range and it supports all the Z97 chipset features.

Some of the new features of the Intel Z97 series include support for 4th and 5th generation core processors. As an enhanced Z87, it now supports DDR3-3300 (OC) dual channel and two other new features namely M.2 Support and SATA Express both delivering 10Gb/s of data throughput.

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Other than the chipset itself, ASUS has enhanced it’s full product suite with an upgraded Fan Xpert3 and Turbo App to it’s 5 way optimisation which includes TPU, EPU  and DIGI+ Power.

Turbo App basically is a software that sets customised settings for each application e.g system performance, audio and network prioritisation. The enhanced FanXpert3 now includes more thermal sensors onboard.

TPU is now enhanced with TPU 1 and TPU 2. With TPU 2, you can now adjust both BCLK + Ratio boost.

Some other features include Crystal Sound 2 which has Left and Right channel audio shielded to reduce total harmonic distortion and NFC2 for wireless charging and app activation etc.


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Exhibits of the different models of ASUS Z97 boards is on the next page

Pricing of the ASUS Z97 boards

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