ASRock showcased it’s slate of Intel Z77 motherboards at launch event held at IBIS hotel, Singapore
Bluetooth 13 Apr 2012

ASRock needs no introduction as we have been reviewing their boards since 2004. ASRock, together with it’s distributor ASView held a technical seminar for the media and end users at IBIS hotel Singapore hours ago.

Many were present and they include Chris Lee, Marketing Director of ASRock Taiwan. Next to him is the renown gamer Johnathan Wendel (Fatal1ty). Others present include representatives from Corbell, distributor of ROCCAT products.

Chris Lee presented and introduced the new series of Intel mainboards for the Ivy Bridge. The boards come in full ATX, mATX, ITX sizes and there are also specific FATAL1TY gaming series boards.

As Intel Z77 chipset powers the next generation processors Ivy Bridge., it would have some enhanced features that were not found in the Z68 chipset. One of these features is the Virtu Unviersal MVP. With the HyperFormance enabled, it allows you to boost the graphics performance by up to 90% combining the integrated and discrete graphics on board. Next is Virtual VSync. This feature allows it to bring GPU performance from 60 fps vsync limit to its maximum while keeping VSync image quality with no tearing. Thirdly, it is Switchable graphics dynamically assigns tasks to the best graphics resouce regardless of physical cable connections.

In addition, there is Intel Smart Conncet Technology which keeps content continuously updated while the PC is in sleep mode. It will periodically wake up the PC and check updates for email, twitter or facebook updates.  There is also Intel Rapid Start Technolgy which lets you wake up  your PC from deep sleep to full wake up in a flash moment.

Here are the series of boards on display for Intel B75, Q77, Z75, Z77, H77 chipsets :

Q77M vPro
Z75 Pro3
Z77 Pro4-M
Z77 Pro4
FATAL1TY Z77 Professional
FATAL1TY Z77 Professional-M
FATAL1TY Z77 Perforamance
FATAL1TY Z77 Performance-M
Z77 Extreme9
Z77 Extreme6
Z77 Extreme4
Z77 Extreme4-M
H77 Pro4 MVP

On Page 2, the presenter demonstrates the feature – Virtu HyperFormance.

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