BenQ, a global leader in DLP 4K projectors and digital lifestyle devices, is pleased to announce two new X series gaming projectors for “gaming big and beyond”. The latest X3100i and X300G LED 4K gaming projectors aim to immerse players in unprecedented levels of in-game audiovisual details, lowest input lag 4.2ms* for smooth game play, and tailored game modes elevating the gaming experience across various rooms at home.

With over 2 million console gamers¹, Singapore’s gaming industry is booming. However, the limited space in HDB flats and condominiums² presents challenges for an optimal gaming experience. Additionally, gamers have diverse preferences in gaming setups that require highly personalised tools that can adapt to varying spatial constraints.

“Acknowledging the gamer’s various needs, BenQ developed the X series gaming projectors to offer gamers an immersive, space-saving and yet customisable solution for unparalleled gaming experiences.” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific. “The new X series gaming projectors cater to varying home environments, with the X3100i catering to dedicated game rooms and the X300G optimised for placement in any room or corner within a house. It represents a new paradigm of gaming, where highly realistic games come to life with life-like visuals and powerful audio. The future of cinematic gaming is now at your fingertips, supported by a longer operating lifespan, ensuring an extended period of immersive gaming adventures without compromise.”

By Harry