BIOSTAR reveals new AMD FM2 APU supporting mainboard, the “Hi-Fi A85W 3D”
July 2nd, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR, maker of embedded/IPC solutions, graphics cards, and motherboards, has introduced their latest motherboard that supports AMD’s FM2 APU family (Trinity / Richland), the Hi-Fi A85W 3D. It comes with BIOSTAR’s own in-house audio technology called “Hi-Fi 3D”.

The Hi-Fi A85W 3D is an ATX form factor board that features AMD socket FM2 APU support and 4 DDR3 memory slots. It includes the usual high-end motherboard features like USB 3.0, HDMI and PCI-E slots. Additional utilities from BIOSTAR including: Watch Dog, BIO-Relife, BIO-Flasher, e-Hotline, BIO-Watch, T-Overclocker, GPU (Green power uitlity), and Smart Speed LAN.
But being a BIOSTAR board, there is a premium set of features such as the company’s new “3D Hi-Fi” technology. All the BIOSTAR Hi-Fi series motherboards are equipped with special components to ensure the best possible audio quality consistency. The Hi-Fi A85W 3D has these key features:
Hi-Fi 3D Technology enables high definition multi-dimensional sound where it matters the most with height, width, and depth in front of the listener. It’s based on the physics of reproduced sound and the basic human perception of sound. The high resolution sound reproduction goes beyond existing sound enhancements or virtualization technologies.

Smart Ear 3D provides true reproduction of a virtual 3D space using any typical set of headphones. It delivers true 3D sound for music, movies, and games.

Choose from six types of 3D Sound Fields; including Hi-Fi Theater, Hi-Fi Hall, Hi-Fi Game spots, Hi-Fi Studio, Hi-Fi Conference, and Hi-Fi Bistro for different applications. BIOSTAR Hi-Fi 3D technology involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in 3 dimensional spaces, including behind, above or below.

With the new generation built-in 3D amplifier, BIOSTAR Hi-Fi-3D motherboards can drive major high-end headphones with an over 100dB load and up to 600ohm impedance. It allows you enjoy a fuller range of dynamic sound with crisper details and less distortion when you are using any typical set of headphones.

Smart Ω is BIOSTAR’s Hi-Fi 3D exclusive function. No matter what kind of gain your headphones are capable of, it will auto detect the appropriate gain and assign a suitable impedance range.

Hi-Fi 3D Technology has a “pre-amp”, a built-in power amplifier to boost the speaker volume. It can increase the volume level by double with high-quality HD audio output. Hi-Fi 3D Technology not only improves on the headphones performance but also enhances your speakers’ sound volume.

The Hi-V Cap is a Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor for each audio channel circuit. The customized audio capacitors deliver low noise, low distortion, and a wide bandwidth to achieve the highest sound resolution and sound expansion.

BIOSTAR Hi-Fi series motherboards have a sampling rate of 192kHz/24-bit which delivers a high quality audio through an analog connection to your home theater system, multi-channel speakers or high-end headphones. Enjoy true Blu-ray grade high-definition sound that you’ve never experienced with a regular PC before.

Multi Channel Calibration (MCC) can transform any room into an ideal listening environment. With (MCC), audio performance is automatically calibrated according to the dimensions of your room. Simply place the speaker and setup the microphone at your usual listening spot position the speakers and connect them. The user can set the speaker settings easily by using the free bundled MCC software.

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